Have you booked a cancellation driving test and need a Driving Test Car Hire Sutton?

Driving Test Car Hire Sutton

Wheather your DVSA cancellation driving test is next month or even tomorrow, We can help with a Driving Test Car Hire Sutton.  We have Qualified and experienced DVSA registered driving instructors who are familiar with the Sutton driving test routes. Our driving instructors in Sutton specialize in preparing pupils to a high standard for their driving test.


Driving Test Car Hire Sutton – Local Information

Driving Test Car Hire Sutton

Driving Test Car Hire Sutton can provide a last minute service for your driving test.

Practical Driving Test Centre Address
Helena House
348 High Street

Test Centre Details:  Sutton Driving Test Centre is located within Job Centre Plus building. Legal parking available at back of building in Lewis Road. Male only toilets available.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car

For more information on dual control car hire we can be contacted on 07799 886 380 or alternatively send an email to gadday@me.com and we will call you back at our earliest convenience.


Driving Test Car Hire Sutton – TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. This is to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on. Below are two commonly used routes by the examiners at Sutton.


Driving Test Car Hire Sutton – TEST ROUTE ONE.

Oakhill Rd Left, roundabout left
Benhill Wood Rd 2 nd left, EOR right
All Saints Rd / Benhill Rd Roundabout left
Erskine Rd Left
Paget Ave EOR right
Gassiot Way / Poulton Ave EOR left
Wrythe Lane Roundabout 2 nd exit
Reigate Ave T/L left
Sutton Common Rd 5 th left, slip road
Angel Hill EOR left
Rose Hill 3 rd right
Rose Hill Park West 2 x right
Aultone Way 2 x roundabouts ahead, EOR left
Rose Hill 2 nd left
Oakhill Rd Right
Lewis Rd Into



Driving Test Car Hire Sutton – TEST ROUTE TWO.

Lewis Rd. Right.
Oakhill Rd. Left.
Woodside Rd. EOR left.
Benhill Wood Rd. EOR left.
All Saints Rd. T/L right.
Angel Hill, Slip Rd / Sutton
Common Rd.
T/L right.
Reigate Ave. Roundabout left.
Green Lane. 2 nd right.
Furness Rd. Roundabout 4 th exit, right.
Middleton Rd. T/L left.
St Hellier Ave. Roundabout 3 rd exit, right.
Morden Hall Rd. Right.
Wandle Rd. Right.
The Drive. Left.
Leonard Ave (Victory Ave). EOR right.
The Drive / Lilleshall Rd. T/L ahead.
Green Wrythe Lane. Roundabout right 3 rd exit.
Middleton Rd. T/L left.
Bishopsford Rd. Roundabout ahead 2 nd exit, (middle lane).
Rose Hill / High St. Ahead, 2 nd left.
Oakhill Rd.. Right.
Lewis Rd Into.



Please study the HIGHWAY CODE before you book your Driving Test Car Hire Sutton.