Have you booked a cancellation driving test and need a Driving Test Car Hire St Albans?

Driving Test Car Hire St Albans

Wheather your DVSA cancellation driving test is next month or even tomorrow, We can help with a Driving Test Car Hire St Albans.  We have Qualified and experienced DVSA registered driving instructors who are familiar with the St Albans driving test routes. Our driving instructors in St Albans specialize in preparing pupils to a high standard for their driving test.


Driving Test Car Hire St Albans  – Local Information

Driving Test Car Hire St Albans

Driving Test Car Hire St Albans can provide car for driving test along with a fully qualified driving instructor.

Practical Driving Test Centre Address
Beauver House
6 Bricket Road
St Albans

St Albans Driving Test Centre covers a wide variety of roads. From St Albans itself, it is possible to drive out of the city into rural country roads and through villages. High speed ‘A’  roads such as the A414 are likely. Busy roads in St Albans are used to asses your ability for all road systems to include roundabouts, cross roads and junctions.


Driving Test Car Hire St Albans – TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes This is to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on. Below are two popular test routes for St Albans test centre.


Driving Test Car Hire St Albans – ROUTE ONE.

DTC. Right.
Bricket Rd. Into.
Upper Marlborough Rd. Roundabout right.
Hatfield Rd. Roundabout left.
St Peters Rd. 3 rd left.
Hillside Rd. EOR right.
Avenue Rd. EOR left.
Lemsford Rd. EOR right.
Sandpit Lane. Roundabout Left.ut
Charmouth Rd. Right, roundabout left.
Sandpit Lane. 1 st left.
Homewood Rd. EOR left.
Marshalls Drive. EOR left.
Marshalswick Lane. Roundabout right.
The Ridgeway. 1 st right.
Barnfield Rd. EOR left.
Sandpit Lane. 2 nd roundabout ahead.
Oaklands Avenue. Roundabout right.
Hatfield Rd. Double mini roundabout, left.
Ashley Rd. Mini roundabout ahead, mini roundabout right.
Camp Rd. Mini roundabout right, left.
Stanhope Rd. Round bend into.
Victoria St / Bricket Rd. 4 T/L ahead, 1 st right.



    Driving Test Car Hire St Albans – ROUTE TWO.

DTC. Right.
Bricket Rd. Into.
Upper Marlborough Rd. Roundabout right.
Hatfield Rd. 2 nd T/L left.
Clarence Rd. Roundabout right.
Sandpit Lane. 5 th right.
Woodstock Rd North. Into.
Woodstock Rd South. 1 st left.
Eaton Rd. EOR left.
Beaumont Avenue. EOR left, 1 st right.
Elm Drive. Left, EOR right.
Oakwood Drive. EOR left.
Hatfield Rd. 2 nd right.
Colney Heath Lane. Roundabout left, roundabout left.
A414. 1 st left.
Smallford Lane. Into.
Station Rd. Roundabout left.
Hatfield Rd. Double mini roundabout left.
Ashley Rd. 1 st right.
Castle Rd. EOR right.
Sutton Rd. Roundabout left.
Hatfield Rd. Roundabout ahead, T/L ahead, double mini roundabout lef.t
Upper Marlborough Rd / Bricket Rd. Into.


Please study the HIGHWAY CODE before you book Driving Test Car Hire St Albans.