Driving Test Car Hire High Wycombe


Do you have a Cancellation driving test in High Wycombe.  Whether your DVSA cancellation is next month or even tomorrow, We can help with a Short Notice Driving Test Car Hire High Wycombe. We have Qualified and experienced DVSA registered driving instructors who are familiar with the High Wycombe driving test routes. Our driving instructors in High Wycombe specialize in preparing pupils to a high standard for their driving test.

Driving Test Car Hire high Wycombe can provide both automatic and manual cars at the last minute.


Driving Test Car Hire High Wycombe

Short Notice Driving Test car hire London can provide last minute car hire for driving test across London including high wycombe.

If you would like to pass the driving test first time at the Wellington Road, Cressex business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP12, then this website contains very useful information.

Call 07799 886 380 if you need Driving Lessons, want to hire a car for the test or would like to practice and familiarize yourself with the local roads and area.

Please note that the earlier you call to reserve the vehicle, the more likely it will be available for your use on the driving test, and while we know short notice slots might be available to you.

For more information on dual control car hire we can be contacted on 07799 886 380 or alternatively send an email, and we will call you back at our earliest convenience.





We don’t just provide you with car hire for your driving test. We also provide local high wycombe driving instructors with local knowledge.All our driving instructors are fully qualified and experienced in high wycombe. Our driving instructors will covers the varies junctions, roundabouts, dual carriageways , reversing and the emergency stop in high wycombe, all before the test. This information will stay fresh in your mind for your practical driving test in high wycombe test center.

Please study the HIGHWAY CODE before you book Driving Test Car Hire High Wycombe.


Driving Test Car Hire High Wycombe – TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes for each test centre. This is to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on. The driving test routes for High Wycombe may have altered in the mean-time. However it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below is a driving test centre route.


Driving Test Car Hire High Wycombe – TEST ROUTE ONE.

Wellington Rd. EOR left.
Lancaster Rd. Roundabout left.
Desborough Ave. 2 x mini roundabouts ahead, T/L ahead.
The Pastures. Right.
Garratts Way. Roundabout left.
Hughenden Ave. Roundabout left.
Hughenden Rd. Right.
Green Hill. 3 rd left.
Brands Hill Ave. Right.
West Waye. Roundabout left.
Green Rd. EOR left.
Kingshill Rd. Left.
Four Ashes. EOR left.
Cryers Hill Rd. Roundabout left.
Hughenden Rd. 2 x roundabouts ahead.
Glenisters Rd. 2 x T/L ahead.
Archway. Roundabout left.
Abbey Way. Roundabout right, roundabout right.
Queen Alexandra Rd / Suffield Rd. EOR left.
Desborough Ave. Roundabout right.
Lancaster Rd / Wellington Rd. Right.




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