Do you have a cancellation driving test and are in need of a Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes?

Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes

Wheather your DVSA cancellation driving test is next month or even tomorrow, We can help with a Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes. We have Qualified and experienced DVSA registered driving instructors who are familiar with the Goodmayes driving test routes. Our driving instructors in Goodmayes specialize in preparing pupils to a high standard for their driving test.


Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes – LOCAL INFORMATION

Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes

Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes can provide a last minute service for your driving test.

Practical Driving Test Centre Address
98 Goodmayes Road
Greater London
IG3 9U

Test Centre Details:  Waiting room is on the 1st floor, there are two flights of stairs. No wheelchair access. Candidates with mobility impairment will be met in the driving test centre car park. Male and female toilets are available on first floor. Test candidate car parking facilities available.


Goodmayes driving test centre is situated on the busy city roads of London. The Driving Test Centre test routes will involve many complicated roundabouts, cross roads and junctions. A high level of practice and knowledge of such roads in and around the test centre is beneficial. Narrow residential roads are often part of the driving test.

These roads involve narrow lanes, sharp bends with oncoming traffic. Often  many parked cars are on these roads. Busy ‘A’ roads such as the A1083 and A118 are highly likely as dual carriageways such as the A406, A12 and A13.


Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes – TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. This is to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on. Below are two of the routes commonly used by examiners in Goodmayes.


          Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes – TEST ROUTE ONE.

DTC. Right.
Kildowan Rd. EOR left.
Goodmayes Rd. T/L left.
High Rd. Roundabout ahead 2 nd exit.
Cameron Rd / Benton Rd. EOR right.
Ley St / Horns Rd. 4 th left.
Hamilton Rd. 2 nd right.
Ashurst Drive. Left, 2 nd left.
North Cross Rd. EOR left.
Campbell Ave. EOR right.
Ashurst Drive. EOR left.
Eastern Ave. 3 rd T/L right.
Aldborough Rd South. 3 rd left.
Meads Lane. Roundabout right.
Cambridge Rd. Roundabout left.
Meads Lane. Left.
Elgin Rd. EOR left.
Cameron Rd. Roundabout right.
High Rd. Left.
Seven Kings Rd. Left.
Felbrigge Rd. EOR left.
Granton Rd. Right.
Kildowan Rd. Right.



 Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes – TEST ROUTE TWO.


DTC.. Left.
Kildowan Rd EOR left.
Granton Rd. EOR right.
Green Lane. 2 nd left.
Woodstock Gardens. EOR right.
Breamore Rd. 3 rd left.
Gyllyngdune Gardens.. 2 nd right.
Egerton Gardens EOR left.
Water Lane. EOR right.
South Park Drive. Left.
South Park Terrace. EOR left.
South Park Drive. EOR left.
Green Lane. Roundabout right.
Green Lane. Left.
Winston Way. Roundabout left, roundabout right.
Chapel Rd. One way keep left.
Romford Rd. Left.
A406 Slip Rd. Roundabout ahead.
A406. 1 st exit.
Slip Rd. Roundabout left.
London Rd. 2 x roundabout left.
Longbridge Rd. 14 th left.
Goodmayes Lane. EOR right.
Green Lane. Left.
Goodmayes Rd. Left.
Kildowan Rd. Left.

Please study the HIGHWAY CODE before you book your Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes.