Do you have a cancellation driving test in Borehamwood. If your DVSA Cancellation driving test is within a month or possibly in the next 24 hours, we can help you by providing a driving test car hire Borehamwood.

We have Qualified and experienced DVSA registered driving instructors who are familiar with th Borehamwood driving test routes.  Our driving instructors in Borehamwood, specialize in providing high quality tuition to preparing pupils to a high standard of driving to pass their driving test. Driving Test car hire is availale in both manual and automatic cars.


Driving Test Car Hire Borehamwood

“Car hire for practical driving test” service can provide a fully qualified driving instructor along with hire car for your short notice practical driving test all over London including borehamwood

Emergency Driving Test car hire Borehamwood

Borehamwood Driving Test Centre is situated in and around busy built up roads and residential street. A good understanding of one-way-systems, junctions, roundabouts and crossroads is essential. Borehamwood test centre has many narrow roads with parked cars on both side, so it is important to understand the right of giving way to oncoming vehicles.

There are several high speed roads and dual carriageways such as the A1, A411 and A1081. A good understanding of joining such roads with reference to oncoming traffic speed is important.

1 in 4 of the driving test manoeuvres will be asked for with a 1 in 3 chance of the emergency stop procedure.

Test centre address

Unit 1-3
Elstree Gate
Elstree Way

Telephone number: 020 32101056
Driving tests cannot be booked via the test centre




Last Minute Driving Test Car Hire Borehamwood


Capture1Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have stopped publishing the driving test routes. The driving test routes for Borehamwood may have been altered for this current period. Although during a test the routes are very similar. The Borehamwood driving test centre must be used as a guide only, as the test routes can be altered, depending on the examiners discretion.

The Driving test routes for Borehamwood have been carefully designed to incorporate the most challenging areas, from busy roads to residential areas. It is advisable to study the roads suggested in the routes and gain as much as practice to pass your driving test.


Driving test centre routes for Borehamwood:

Glossary: EOR – End of Road        T/L – Traffic Lights


Borehamwood Car Driving test route 1 

Car park(Start). Left.
Warwick Rd. EOR left.
Elstree Way. Double mini rbt ahead.
Elstree Way. Rbt right 3rd exit.
Shenley Road. 2nd mini rbt left.
Hartforde Road. 1st mini rbt right to Oddessy Rd for TIR out right. 3rd mini rbt left
Brook Road. Right.
Stratfield Road. L. reverse Audley Cl. out left. EOR right
Theobald Street. Mini rbt right.
Gateshead Road. Rbt left.
Leeming Road. EOR right.
Aycliffe Road. 1st left.
Allerton road. 1st left.
Allerton road. 3 L reverses & TIR, Exit left
Aycliffe Road. Rbt right 3rd exit.
Aycliffe Road. Hill start. Mini rbt left
Gateshead Road. Mini rbt left.
Stanborough Ave. ES. EOR right
Stapleton Road. EOR left.
Green Street. Mini rbt right.
London Road. Becomes.
Cowley Hill. Around right bend becomes.
Rowley Lane. Mini rbt ahead.
Rowley Lane. Ahead into one way system.
Elstree Way. 1st right.
Elstree Way. 2nd left.
Warwick Road. Right into Car Park (Finish.

Please study the HIGHWAY CODE before book Driving Test Car Hire Borehamwood.

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