Have you booked a short notice driving test and need a Driving Test Car Hire Barking?

Driving Test Car Hire Barking

Wheather your DVSA cancellation driving test is next month or even tomorrow, We can help with a Driving Test Car Hire Barking.  We have Qualified and experienced DVSA registered driving instructors who are familiar with the Barking driving test routes. Our driving instructors in Barking specialize in preparing pupils to a high standard for their driving test.


Driving Test Car Hire Barking – Local Information

Driving Test Car Hire Barking

Driving Test Car Hire Barking can provide a last minute car for driving test. Both automatic and manual cars available.

Practical Driving Test Centre Address
84 Tanner Street
IG11 8QF

Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets are available at the test centre. There are 2 steps to access the test centre and arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability. No car park is available at the test centre – tests often begin from Park Avenue.

Barking Driving Test Centre is situated busy streets and roads. A good understanding of roundabouts, cross roads and junctions are essential. Difficult to navigate oneway roads are also likely to feature on the driving test. Busy ‘A’ roads such as the A13 and A406 feature from Barking Driving Test Centre. Quiet residential areas are also on the driving test.


Driving Test Car Hire Barking – TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. This is to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on. Below are two of the routes used by the examiners at the Barking Driving test centre.


Driving Test Car Hire Barking – TEST ROUTE ONE

DTC. EOR left.
Longbridge Rd. 1 st right.
Wilmington Gardens. EOR right.
Salisbury Rd. 3 rd right.
Cecil Avenue. Left.
Priory Rd. EOR left.
Salisbury Rd. EOR left.
Upney Lane. 1 st right.
Beccles Drive. Roundabout left, 1 st exit.
Cavendish Gardens.. EOR left.
Westrow Drive. EOR left.
Longbridge Rd.. T/L right.
South Park Drive. EOR left.
Green Lane. Mini roundabout right, 2 nd exit.
Winston Way. Roundabout left.
Ilford Lane. Becomes.
Fanshawe Avenue. Right.
Tanner St. DTC.



  Driving Test Car Hire Barking – TEST ROUTE TWO

DTC. EOR left.
Longbridge Rd. T/L left.
South Park Drive. Left.
Water Lane. Right.
Meadway.. Left.
Levett Gardens. EOR left.
Goodmayes Lane. Right.
Abbotsford Rd. 2 nd right.
Alloa Rd. EOR left.
Green Lane Right.
Seven Kings Rd. EOR left.
High Rd. Becomes.
Green Lane Mini roundabout right, 2 nd exit.
Sunnyside Rd. Mini roundabout right.
Albert Rd. 3 rd left.
Richmond Rd. Right.
Grange Rd. EOR left.
Ilford Lane Becomes.
Fanshawe Avenue Right.
Tanner St. DTC



Please study the HIGHWAY CODE before you book Driving Test Car Hire Barking.