March 23, 2015

Learner’s Reviews

Last minute car hire Mill Hill

Mill hill driving test car hire

We were looking for a last minute car hire in Mill Hill driving test centre. We called the driving school one day before the test. They organised an automatic car and instructor at very short notice. I’m a non-EU driver with many years of driving in Russia and wanted to convert to British driving license as I have been driving in the UK for nearly one year. I passed the test first time with only two minor mistakes! Excellent service, great instructors! Very reliable.


Isleworth driving test centre, fast-track course

Emergency driving test car hire

Emergency driving test car hire

Excellent service!!! As I was desperate to pass! changed driving schools because I wasn't getting anywhere with my previous instructor. I looked online and found this driving school. So glad I changed. I had an amazing teacher, very detailed and made sure all areas were covered to a high standard!

I've come out today with a pass in Isleworth driving test centre and I couldn't be happier that I changed to this driving school! If you want to fast track your driving test, don't waste your time with any other, give these guys a call!

Very efficient 🙂




Isleworth driving test centre

Hire Car for Driving Test UK

Hire car for driving test UK

I needed to a hire car for driving test UK. I would definitely recommend for Expats, those who have an international driving licence like me from India & have been driving in the UK for some time. The whole process of getting the UK driving licence can be traumatic & time-consuming especially if you have to take driving lessons elsewhere.

Don't have time?

Most often the so-called driving schools push you to take at least 10 lessons which becomes time-consuming and with a busy work schedule, challenging to book a slot at your convenience & very expensive.

All I did here is to spare 2 days, with the first day an assessment lessons which was very useful to get to know the rules & on the test day spent 2 hours. As I already knew how to drive & the instructor very effectively covered every aspect of the practical driving test in the most efficient manner. You know what I passed the test on my first attempt.
Thank you. my instructor for all your support & guidance. I would definitely recommend your driving school to my friends.



Uxbridge test centre car hire

Massive thank you! Passed my driving test in Uxbridge, super fast with an intensive course!  This will change my life. Being a professional who needs to drive for work, lack of a driving licence was holding me back. After a few difficult instructors I found A driving school with car hire for test. My instructor was calm, patient and above all instilled the confidence that I could do this. He fitted the lessons around my very busy schedule, understanding that was the commitment I could make. I came to A driving school having already booked a driving test but as the date got nearer I doubted I was ready. My instructor was confident that I was and in fact brought the date forward. My test wasn’t easy, as the route chosen by the examiner was filled with complex round-abouts and generally other pit-falls that could easily lead one to making a mistake and potentially fail the exam. However, as my instructor has taken me one those routes a number of times and pointed out the areas that students commonly falter on, I was okay on the day! Highly recommended!


intensive course Cracking school

Having failed my practical driving  car test three times with a previous instructor at a different company I switched to this driving school and the driving instructor was fantastic. Very professional, punctual and took no nonsense in ensuring that I was ready for my test with an intensive course, in a very short time, and I passed! Top driving Instructor, good driving school company.

Alex Peers

Pinner short notice driving test

I needed to pass on my driving test quickly and this driving school found a last minute cancellation test for me in Pinner instantly. I did an intensive course and I had a very good instructor. And he helped me to pass my practical driving test quickly with only 3 minors 🙂

Pinner driving test centre

Uxbridge last minute driving test centre

I needed a dual-control car hire for my practical driving test in Uxbridge. I was driving in Hungary and need it to sort out some bad habits. The driving instructor was very good and he didn't make me feel like learner driver. I past with only two faults, with 3 hours lessons. This guy is great ! Totally recommended !!!!


Sutton driving test centre

This is the best driving school! In only three hours my instructor helped to pass my test in Sutton! I called this driving school a day prior to my test  to get a last minute car hire and the instructor listened to my story and asked about my experience. In his opinion I was not fully ready to take the test but he promised that he will help me to pass in 3 hours! And he did it! Amazing day! Thank you very much! I was so nervous and my instructor assured me that everything will be fine!)


Uxbridge driving test centre

I needed a quickly pass for my job as an estate agent and with my past driving school I failed twice and had to wait 2-3 months each time for my next test. I found this driving school online, read the reviews, it was exactly what I was looking for as they found me a cancellation driving test within 2 weeks. With 5 hours training I passed 1st time! The driving instructor was very good, thorough and helped me get my driving to test standard. I highly recommend to anyone who need to pass quickly


Needed a last minute cancellation driving test

I needed a last minute cancellation driving test, the driving school found me a practical driving within 3-4 days. Gave me a quick and very effective driving lesson before the test and passed first time in Uxbridge and I am an international driver from Greece. Highly reccommend thes guys for anyone. Great instructors. Top top notch experience.

Christo Klvpl
A driving test car hire

Passed in Isleworth driving test centre

I had been an International driver in the states (Chicago, Connecticut and California) for years and had picked up bad habits. I was with another driving school had given me horrible prices and fold me I would not pass. Here I did three hours worth of lessons with this Instructor and past me first time with a short notice test. I will be sending my brother to them shortly. Five brilliant stars!!!!


passed in Pinner driving test centre

I passed my short notice practical driving test in Pinner. I was with another driving school and I failed three times. Then my friend recommended this company to me. All his family passed with them. They found me a cancellation driving test in a week and the instructor was very good. I don't think I would have passed with my old driving instructor so
quickly. I was a international driver from India. I really recommend this company.

Aman Sandhu

Passed in Pinner driving test centre

I needed a last minute driving test car hire, because I was let down by my previous driving instructor. Then I found "A Driving Test Car Hire" through google. After around 10 hours professional and personalised training, I have achieved a PASS with only four faults in PINNER test center today. This is a miracle for me, who has done nearly 100 hours with four different instructors over the last ten years and never ever got a Pass before. I would definitely recommend this driving school if you are struggling to pass your practical driving test.


Im very happy with service i got a short notice car hire for my test and passed first time with 3hours learning great company good service will be telling my friends great driving school

Shahiem cambron

short notice quick driving test car hire

If you want to pass quick, I couldn't stress enough to contact this driving school. My driving instructor he is a very motivating and a great instructor! I feel very confident on the road, and I passed first time!! in Uxbridge driving test centre in an automatic car.

R Mclaughlin
short notice quick driving test car hire

Uxbridge last minute emergency car hire

International drivers licence from Kenya, booked my practical test for March and managed to secure a last minute  cancellation the next day....I had to pass my UK  driving test before I went back to Uni in Nottingham.
Had 4 hours of training with the driving instructor and passed first time at Uxbridge..
I highly recommend this driving school company, wicked service

short notice car hire

Tolworth driving test centre

I needed last minute car hire for my practical car test. Also I had 2 hours driving lesson before the test. To be honest, I have only had few session with my parents this year. However, with just two hours lesson on the test date really helped to get me test ready.
very good driving school.

A Kang
Tolworth driving test centre

Automatic practical driving test in London

pinner driving test car hire

was driving in UAE needed  a automatic car for test and a bit of help to get used to driving in London,  great instructor. fantastic service. 11 out of 10

Needed a dual control car hire for driving test in wood green

This service is awesome. I completely forgot about renting a car for the practical test, but the guys at managed to contact me with Crosby, a brilliant instructor. We arranged for a two hour lesson before the test, in which he corrected some old bad habits I had behind the wheel. Now I have my PASS on my first attempt, and I can drive with more awareness and a bunch of new tips.
Thanks a lot,


Finally Passed my Driving Test In Ashford

I finally passed Practical driving test, been driving for over 13 years in the USA and need to convert to a UK driving licence, did not have much luck with a national driving school, my friend recommended this company and they was awesome found me a cancellation driving test and after 4 hours training I finally passed, still can't believe it! what a relief didn't think I was ever going to do it.
Highly recommend this driving school if you are an International Driver.
Big Thank You x


Slough driving test last minute car hire

my driving licence was revoked so I had to do it again, could already drive just needed brushing up on the requirements for the practical test in Slough. The driving Instructor was very thorough, corrected me on everything I needed to pass my test without making me feel like a "new Leaner driver" Passed with only 1 driving fault. Found this company last minute online, "they do everything they say on the tin"
Good job

L Potter

Pinner driving test centre emergency car hire

I was struggling to pass my driving test, had no confidence and kept failing, My previous driving Instructor let me down last minute, so I needed an emergency car hire I found this driving school they was Great! after a few hours driving lessons I felt much better and a lot better about my test. I passed with only 3 driving faults amazing service. Some times things happen for a reason, so happy 🙂

T Dolphin

Great short notice car hire and instructor

driving test car hire

I have failed my practical  test twice at Sevenoaks driving test centre with another driving school for some bad habits and decisions while driving. A friend recommended this school who help Learner's drivers to  pass quickly.  We had a 2 hour lesson prior to the test, and the instructor gave me tips and pointers and I passed the test with only 2 minor faults ! Very pleased

Lee Zhao

Amazing experience and first time driving test pass!!!

Croydon driving test centre,

Can't recommend this Driving school enough! I hold a foreign license and had to pass the test to get a UK one in a very short time as I am 8 months pregnant!!! After taking only 4 hours of lessons with this driving school, I was able to bring my driving in the UK to a level that allowed me to pass the test from the first try in the test centre in Croydon.
It was a pleasant surprise to know that they specialise in drivers that have some skills already but need some brushing up before the big day!
The classes were constructive, covered all necessary aspects, the instructor was very clear and patient and firm when needed!
Thank you so much once again for helping me make it happen and now i can drive myself to the hospital if need be :)!!!


This driving school is awesome!

Mill Hill driving test centre car hire

The Driving Instructor put me through just two hours of training and I passed!!! Been to other test centres and been failed so many times. I am so lucky to have found this driving instructor and had his intensive and yet relaxed tutoring.  you guys are awesome and I am going to recommend you to all my friends....o yes and sorry for the battering I gave your car(haha).....THANK YOU!!!!!??

I couldn't pass my driving test in Bishops Stortford

I did not have much luck with local driving Instructors in bishops stortford, I had so many driving tests there.

I found this driving school online, read the reviews and called them. The best thing I did, they helped me find a cancellation test in a week and in a few hours before the driving test, I learnt so much more, the instruction was very good, sorted out my driving and passed first time in Mill Hill.

So happy! I can't believe I passed.

thank you

see my video review

1st time pass in Isleworth

I've just passed my driving test with the help of the outstanding driving tuition. I have been driving in France and Morocco, my driving had a lot of bad habits which I needed with. My international licence was about to expire so had to pass quickly.
I had a brilliant instructor, he was calm and patient and sometimes a little bit more firm with me when I needed it, a good balance. I would definitely recommend this driving school.

Imane ABI

Pinner cancellation driving test

Very good driving school help me pass fast in a week's intensive course of lessons in an automatic car at Pinner driving test centre.


Chertsey driving test, car hire/rental

I needed a car for my driving test, I am an International driver from the philippines and didn't want to be treated like a learner driver, this driving school was the best, they found me a short notice driving test, helped me with my bad habits and trained me all on the day with just 4 hours of lessons I passed! Amazing service. Thank you.

Chertsey Test Centre

Hendon driving test centre

Thank you  for the effective lessons that made me come out of my comfort zone and drive with new found confidence. I learned more in four hours with this driving school then with my past Instructor who let me down last minute before my driving test.  Lucky that I found such a good Instructor.  I've passed in Hendon;=)


Superb quality driving Instructor

Isleworth driving test car rental

I would definitely recommend ash and his driving school to everyone I know and anyone that is looking for an excellent and experienced driving school. I have had lnstructor's in the past, that I feel I have not progressed with them. Ash kept it simple. His aim was to get me to a good driving standard and get me through my test quickly, promptly-and he was true to his word. I felt very comfortable with his teaching methods and he managed to take away all my fears to allow me to become a confident driver. Thank you so much ash!!

Rachel mcpherson

Excellent teaching!! for a quicker Pass

Passed as a result of thorough and patient driving instructor. Needed a quick test, great instructor. Highly recommended for a fast service.

Max Graham
Dribing School Isleworth

Professional, Fast & Reliable Instructor

last minute emergency test car hire. My instructor's car broke down 2 hours before my practical test in Hendon. Within an hour, the driving school got me a replacement car and instructor at a very reasonable price. The instructor was very professional. He helped me with some tips and we even had time to practice some manouvers. Glad to say I passed! Will highly recommend this service. Keep up the high standards!



Short notice test car hire

The practice was really nice. I liked the car, got the instructor for a cancellation practical test, with his tips and advice. The test was really easy to pass after the expert help from the Driving Instructor and practicing for a while.

nikita simakin
driving school

Very happy with the service, passed my teat in Isleworth, my Instructor was good and helped me pass quickly


Isleworth driving test centre

Very happy with the service, passed my teat in Isleworth, my Instructor was good and helped me pass quickly



I did not enjoy driving until I started with automatic lessons. The driving school instructor made me feel really comfortable and improved my road skills. I didn't think anyone would be able to teach me to drive but he did and made it a really enjoyable, relaxed, experience

review6My brother passed with this driving school and recommended them, I just wanted to be driving so I took automatic driving lessons, so much quicker and passed my test in Isleworth.


review5I was learning to drive with my father and could drive, just needed to pass fast, found a cancellation test and took some lessons to brush up my driving and passed in Isleworth.

review4I need an emergency car hire for my driving test as my Instructor could not make it, after a few hours of instruction which really helped the Instructor corrected my weak areas and I passed in Mill Hill test centre.

review3My sister took lessons with this driving school and passed first time she recommened them and YES! I passed first time too.

review2I needed to pass fast as my boss wanted to promote me to a higher post which required me to drive to clients. Happy with the service of this driving school, a quick pass.

review1passed in Isleworth on first time with manual car, had a full motor bike licence, got a cancellation test and passed in two weeks.

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